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Run For Your Life!

Sept. 13 – Sept . 16, 2019


1. Who should participate?

Adult groups such as parish councils and social concern committees will find the program insightful and the shared experience a powerful team builder.

Schools and youth groups are invited to move beyond their known reality to understand the global reality in which they will grow into adulthood. Problem solving, team work, geography, living with differing cultures are all elements explored.

The event is appropriate for ages 5 to older adults. Often departure from home means everyone has to leave. Families can share the experience in a special way – this is an experience that you can continue to “unpack” in family discussions at home.

Each 2 hour session will accommodate 20 – 60 participants. Smaller groups can reserve a space and will be paired with a compatible partner group.

2. Why should we participate?

We are called by faith to be a “pilgrim people” willing to walk in the shoes of our sisters and brothers. Run for Your Life provides a simple but profound way to unite with the millions of displaced people across the globe.

What will we be asked to do?

The journey begins with the decision to see your home country with what resources you can bring. Perils and challenges are encountered personally and with other travelers each step of the way to a new home. The simulation is an immersive experience, complete with boats, tents, sound effects and border security situations. Exodus leaders guide participants and provide an opportunity for reflection on the experience.

3. How long is the program?

2 hours allows for the full experience from arrival to departure. Add-on activities can increase time at Cabrini 1 -2 hours.

4. What is the cost for the event?

There is no charge for the program, funding has been obtained through the Cabrini Mission Foundation. At the end of the program the opportunity to make a donation to support refugees and Exodus World Service will be made available – for those that wish to take that action.

5. Do we bring anything or prepare in any way?

Preparation is first a desire and openness to better understand the plight of immigrants and refugees. Preparation can include reading, personal prayer and discussion with others. The novel Refugee by Alan Gratz is an excellent resource before or after the experience to deepen understanding. Please let us know if you need more resources.

6. What group is providing this program?

Exodus world Service has designed and will staff the program. Cabrini Retreat Center is the program host. Mother Cabrini is the universal patroness of immigrants and the program continues her legacy.

Other questions? Contact Cabrini Retreat Center at or 847-297-6530
RUN FOR YOUR LIFE LOCATION: Cabrini Retreat Center 9430 Golf Road, Des Plaines, IL 60016